Once upon a time…

Two families lived in Friesland, one in Tjerkgaast along the ever windy ‘strjitwei’ (road) and one in Gaastmeer next to a big lake in the region called Gaasterland aka ‘the land of the Gaast’.

Young and curious Pieter Jan VanderGaast from Tjerkgaast aspired for a more adventurous future than being an eldest son of a farmer’s family would have in store for him.

Smart and hardworking eldest daughter Jeltje Cnossen from Gaastmeer left Friesland because of a forbidden village romance, fleeing the conservative mindset that frowned upon mixing between religions. As the saying went in those days; “Twee geloven op 1 kussen, daar slaapt de duivel tussen”

The Labskous dish is known in Friesland as ‘Harlinger Kapteinspot’ and was invented by sailors in the 16th century who used the ingredients available for them on their long trips.

The standout ingredient is the #beetroot because it gives the dish its distinctive red or pinkish color and it opens the door to so much (culinary) creativity that this chapter will be a never ending one…

These recipes and stories are inspired by the lives of Pieter Jan VanderGaast and Jeltje Cnossen. Cooking and Caring is Loving and Sharing!